Railway Stations in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh Railway Stations list

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1 ABKP Ambikapur Chhattisgarh Ambikapur
2 BRH Baikunthpur Rd Chhattisgarh Baikunthpur Rd
3 BUA Baradwar Chhattisgarh Baradwar
4 BIG Belgahna Chhattisgarh Belgahna
5 BYL Belha Chhattisgarh Belha
6 BQR Bhilainagar Chhattisgarh Bhilainagar
7 BSPR Bishrampur Chhattisgarh Bishrampur
8 DRZ Dalli Rajhara Chhattisgarh Dalli Rajhara
9 DBEC Devbaloda Charoda Chhattisgarh Devbaloda Charoda
10 GAD Gevra Road Chhattisgarh Gevra Road
11 GDZ Gundardehi Chhattisgarh Gundardehi
12 HN Hathbandh Chhattisgarh Hathbandh
13 JDB Jagdalpur Chhattisgarh Jagdalpur
14 KRBA Korba Chhattisgarh Korba
15 MXA Marauda Chhattisgarh Marauda
16 RSA Risama Chhattisgarh Risama
17 BHTK Bhanwartonk Chhattisgarh Bhanwartonk
18 BIA Bhilai Chhattisgarh Bhilai
19 BXA Balod Chhattisgarh Balod
20 GTK Ghutku Chhattisgarh Ghutku
21 GTW Gatora Chhattisgarh Gatora
22 KOI Khodri Chhattisgarh Khodri
23 KTSH Kotmisonanhlt Chhattisgarh Kotmisonanhlt
24 SLKR Salka Road Chhattisgarh Salka Road
25 USL Usalapur Chhattisgarh Usalapur
26 KGS Khongsara Chhattisgarh Khongsara
27 KGB Kargi Road Chhattisgarh Kota
28 SRBA Saragbundia Chhattisgarh Saragbundia
29 JRMG Jairamnagar Chhattisgarh Jairamnagar
30 BPRH Balpur Halt Chhattisgarh Balpur
31 KTHD Kothari Road Chhattisgarh Kothari Road
32 TGQ Tenganmada Chhattisgarh Tenganmada
33 KPNA Kapan Chhattisgarh Kapan
34 KLTR Kalmitar Chhattisgarh Kalmitar
35 MWRN Madwarani Chhattisgarh Madwarani
36 URGA Urga Chhattisgarh Urga
37 AKT Akaltara Chhattisgarh Akaltara
38 BGBR Bagbahra Chhattisgarh Bagbahra
39 BPHB Bhilai Power House Chhattisgarh Bhilai Power House
40 MSMD Mahasamund Chhattisgarh Mahasamund
41 NIA Naila Chhattisgarh Naila
42 PND Pendra Road Chhattisgarh Pendra Road
43 SKT Sakti Chhattisgarh Sakti
44 TLD Tilda Chhattisgarh Tilda
45 KHS Kharsia Chhattisgarh Kharsia
46 DGG Dongargarh Chhattisgarh Dongargarh
47 BSP Bilaspur Chhattisgarh Bilaspur
48 CPH Champa Chhattisgarh Champa
49 RIG Raigarh Chhattisgarh Raigarh
50 R Raipur Junction Chhattisgarh Raipur
51 RJN Raj Nandgaon Chhattisgarh Raj Nandgaon
52 DURG Durg Junction Chhattisgarh Durg
53 BYT Bhatapara Chhattisgarh Bhatapara
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